Australian Circular Economy Solutions, better know as ACES

The Circular Economy

A circular economy constantly works toward the reduction of environmental impacts relating to consumption and production, while promoting sustainable economic growth due to a more productive use of natural resources.

The circular economy allows economies to minimise the generation of waste using good, innovative designs and an infrastructure to effectively recover materials that can be reused.

Circular economies promote sustainable business models that involve intense and efficient resource use, such as sharing products between multiple users, or supplying a product as a service that includes maintenance, repair, and disposal.

Sustainable models which support the circular economy improves the value people obtain from the resources used to create goods and services. It transforms our linear economy mindset—make, take and dispose —fostering the innovation and productivity that inspires both new and existing businesses, delivering more jobs and more growth in sustainable circular economies.

Goal 1 – Innovative Designing. Generate less waste in businesses through supporting innovatively designed products which use recycled materials—considering all the potential impacts across product life cycles – by helping them access the resources they need.

•Goal 2 – Community Support. Inform customers and the community with the information they need to make smart purchasing decisions, extend the life of products (and the resources that go into them), and support the reuse economy; ensuring we repair goods when possible

•Goal 3 – Resource Recovery. Educate businesses on strategies to generate more value from waste by following the guidelines of the waste avoidance hierarchy; improving separation of waste streams; supporting markets for recovered materials; planning for and promoting investment in recycling infrastructure; supporting the development of waste to energy facilities to manage waste unable to be recycled effectively

•Goal 4 – Reduce harm. Assist in the long term reduction of harm arising from the impacts of waste and pollution by protecting communities and the environment from high-risk and hazardous wastes.

Our Circular Economy Goals

We have developed sustainability goals following the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Promoting both sustainable economic growth and sustainable production and consumption patterns.

These goals will help us develop a circular economy in Australia

Tracking & Reporting

Using the Environmental Global Benefits ESG KPI Tracing application allows us to make adjustments.

in sync with progress towards our EGS goals as we travel along the path of sustainability.

Monitoring and reporting are necessary for organisations in order to demonstrate that the progress of the sustainability plan is proceeding at the appropriate speed, that the strategy is performing, and that the commitments made are being kept.

ACE Solutions provides organisations with creative analyses and constructive approaches to assist those organisations in recognising opportunities, tracking their progress, and reporting their effectiveness with regard to their Environmental, Social, and Governance commitments.